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A special interview with James Roguski for wiedzainauka.pl

Wiedza i Nauka: International freedom circles have been closely following the work on the Anti-Pandemic Treaty (IHR) at the World Health Organization. It is thanks to you that the world of free people has learned about the plans of a narrow group of people to enslave all of humanity. I thank you very much for this on behalf of myself, and I hope it will not be an over-use if I say that also on behalf of all Polish freedom movements. The Polish people have repeatedly shown how important freedom is to us. What should Poles and peoples of all countries do to oppose this? What should I, as an individual citizen, do?

James Rogulski: Step #1: Seek to gain a clear understanding that TWO separate negotiations are proceeding. Most people have been distracted by, and are focused on, the proposed WHO CA+. I seek to raise everyone’s awareness of the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations. Education, clarity and comprehension must precede action.

Step #2: Share this information with absolutely everyone you possibly can.

Step #3: Seek allies and organize the actions of those who comprehend the importance of this information.

– Please give our readers an idea of what these proposals involve and what consequences this may have for both individual countries and the individual citizen.

– I have published extensively on this issue, and it is quite difficult to summarize the 307 proposed amendments without losing valuable content. I believe that the most dangerous amendments were proposed by the Czech Republic (on behalf of all 27 member nations of the European Union). These proposed amendments seek to implement a global digital health certificate system that would also include (undefined) prophylaxis, testing and recover certificates, Passenger Locator Forms and Traveller Health Declarations that could be used to restrict the freedom to travel and be used to track and trace people who are merely „suspected” of having some form of infectious disease.



Do you think the treaty will be implemented, and if so, when?

– I am doing everything in my power to prevent that from happening. I am very confident that it will not be adopted. The WHO has consistently stated that they are hoping to present it to the 77th World Health Assembly in May 2024.

– Or is the solution for countries to leave the WHO and the UN?

– The „solution” is complicated because of the complexity and interconnectedness of today’s world. Here in the United States I do support proposed legislation to #ExitTheWHO (http://ExitTheWHO.com) because we currently have legislation that has been submitted to Congress to facilitate our Withdrawal from the WHO. However, what is truly needed is an awareness by the masses of people around the world that we must resist the centralization and consolidation of power into bureaucracies such as the WHO and advocate for the distribution of control back to the level of the people who must insist on their unalienable rights to make their own private health decisions.

In your opinion, was the so-called COVID-19 pandemic a dress rehearsal by the WHO and globalists to introduce a world government?

– I reject the temptation to speculate. There is no need. I recommend that people read the actual documents that the WHO has published and learn what they are currently negotiating. No speculation or opinion is needed. Their documents speak for themselves.

– Anthony Fauci has finally admitted publicly that he lied about the so-called vaccines. Whatdoes this mean and, in general, who is Anthony Fauci, who is behind him?

– This issue is far more important than any one man. The issue is not Fauci. Despite his monstrous actions throughout his career, the attempts to hand over sovereignty and personal freedoms to the WHO in order to establish centralized world-wide control is far more treacherous than even Fauci’s exploits.

– On October 25, 2022, in the Supreme Court of the State of New York Richmond County, there was a verdict in the case brought by Senator Robert Kennedy jr against pharmaceuticallobbyists. Please give us an overview of this case.

– The court concluded that the Board of Health had exceeded its authority by “unilaterally and indefinitely” changing the terms of employment for city employees who had never been required to furnish proof of vaccination against the seasonal flu or other illnesses. The court also held that the health commissioner had exceeded his authority by directing that unvaccinated public-sector employees would be excluded from their work premises, and distinguished Department of Sanitation employees from healthcare employees who “have always been required to be vaccinated against infectious diseases.”

The court also noted that the collective bargaining agreement between the petitioners’ union and the City of New York did not contain a vaccine mandate, and, accordingly, the court questioned the creation of a new condition of employment during the term of the contract. Additionally, the court noted that „states of emergency are meant to be temporary.” (https://ogletree.com/insights/new-york-city-covid-19-vaccine-mandates-dealt-a-fatal-blow/)

Would you like to say something to our Polish readers?

– My father’s parents came from Poland but I have never been to Poland. In recent decades, the Polish people have led movements dedicated to individual freedom against tyrannical government control. Here we have a situation to STOP an attempted global coup which seeks to transfer sovereign authority and fundamental freedoms to an unelected, unaccountable intergovernmental organization – the World Health Organization. In September 2022 I put out a call for people around the world to „Be the Media” and encouraged people to record their own videos in order to raise their voices in order to have their opinions be heard, and several people from Poland answered the call. You can see many of them on http://ScrewTheWHO.com I encourage everyone to learn as much as you need to know and then be courageous enough to speak your opinions and feelings loudly so that everyone in the world, and especially those in the World Health Organization can hear you. http://SilenceEqualsConsent.com

– Thank you very much for the interview.

interviewed by Marek Skowronski

James Roguski is a researcher, author, natural health proponent and an activist who believes that the old systems are rightfully crumbling, so we must build their replacements quickly. In March 2022, James uncovered documents regarding proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and was instrumental in raising awareness about them which resulted in the amendments being rejected. James is now doing everything possible to expose the WHO’s hidden agenda behind their proposed „pandemic treaty” as well as the WHO’s ongoing attempts to amend the International Health Regulations. James’ vision for the future can be summarized by the phrase: Out of the WHO and in with the NEW.

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