Will history with a pandemic repeat itself?

Specially for, an interview with Prof. Paolo Bellavite, an independent scientist and former professor of General Pathology at Verona University

– Professor, what is your assessment of the WHO’s repeal of the COVID-19 pandemic? Was there any substantive justification at all for declaring a pandemic condition in 2020?

– Prof. Paolo Bellavite: Of course there was justification, but the WHO declared the pandemic too late, by which time the virus had spread throughout the world, and did little to stop it. In the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, it certainly cannot be said that the WHO shone, for the timeliness of the interventions at the beginning of the pandemic, for transparency, for management skills, or finally for the results obtained. In fact, the countries that have followed the recommendations formulated by the WHO, including Italy, have not only obtained the worst results in terms of the number of COVID-19 deaths per million inhabitants and by the rate and duration of the infection over time, but they have also suffered damage to the country’s economy with job losses and impoverishment of individuals and families. Furthermore, the WHO lacked the courage to further investigate the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or at least to refute the false claims of a natural origin. If a moratorium is not quickly imposed on ALL experiments with lethal viruses there is a risk of history repeating itself.

– Numerous scientific papers that appear in medical and scientific publications show how ineffective, and at the same time how harmful, mRNA preparations called „COVID-19 vaccines” are. We also have declassified Pfizer documents. But many scientific journals dutifully mention that although severe complications have been shown, the benefits against the risks of the formulations are higher. What is the reason for this?

– The idea that the benefits of anti-COVID-19 biogenetic products outweigh the risks derives from a generalized but irrational application of the „vaccinist” ideology. By „vaccinist” ideology I mean a PRECONCEPT based on an erroneous interpretation of facts and of the history of medicine according to which vaccines would have saved humanity from great infectious calamities such as tetanus, smallpox, diphtheria, cholera, tuberculosis, polio. This idea is repeated so frequently that it is found in all the books, but it is largely wrong: in reality, the mortality and morbidity of most infectious diseases were declining well before vaccinations for hygiene, therapies and the mere knowledge of the routes of infection. However, the same idea is very strong because it is based on an ancestral fear of the epidemic and of death accompanied by the need to believe in a „savior”, in our case the vaccine.

In reality, the calculation of the ratio between risks and benefits cannot be done generically, but is different from vaccine to vaccine, requires an analysis of individual cases (age, lifestyle, comorbidities), of the epidemiology in a certain era, the existence or otherwise of therapies for the same disease. On the risk side, there are two enormous evaluation problems:

a) lack of serious active pharmacovigilance, for which it cannot in any way be based on data deriving from spontaneous reports and

b) reckless use of the WHO algorithm for correlation evaluation between vaccination and adverse events: for example in Italy, using that algorithm, more than 95% of vaccine deaths have been attributed to any other disease affecting the subject who died after the inoculation, which is absurd because the inoculated substance may have worsened the pre-existing situation, leading to the death of the person, who would still be alive if he had not been vaccinated.

So citing the ratio of the (somewhat measurable) benefit to the (unknown) risk to promote anti-covid-19 products is nonsensical at the moment.

– When is it possible to talk about the actual effectiveness of a drug, treatment method or preparation?

– As with other drugs, the „gold standard” would be the randomized controlled trial, but for vaccines this method is difficult and expensive, because tens of thousands of healthy subjects must be recruited, half of whom are treated with placebos. However, an estimate of effectiveness can be obtained by comparing the incidence of disease (or the positivity of a diagnostic test) between vaccinated and unvaccinated people and correcting for confounding factors. However, this is a rough estimate.

I would like to reiterate an important point: The so-called anti-COVID-19 vaccines have shown a certain efficacy in preventing the mortality of „fragile” subjects, but those studies have never considered whether a real early therapy had been implemented which we now know can prevent the aggravation and hospitalization. Therefore, it is likely that the effectiveness of those products has been overestimated, as the populations on which they were tested (at the beginning of the pandemic) had no therapies available.

– After February 24, 2022, several million people left Ukraine, the vast majority of whom (it is estimated that it could be as many as 11 million) stayed in Poland. We know that Ukraine had epidemics of such dangerous diseases as multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, post-vaccination polio, AIDS, HIV, cholera. The Polish authorities did not take care to check in what state of health these people came to us, while Poles had to wear masks, sanitation was applied to us. Was it similar in Italy?

– No, in Italy we have not had problems of this type. I’m sorry for Poland. Personally I think that all the diseases you mentioned do not pose a great threat because we know both the cure and the prevention (eg AIDS) well. Tuberculosis does not seriously affect healthy people. Cholera, which is also curable, spreads only with polluted waters, but I don’t think there have been any cases. In any case, of course, we hope that the war, which has complex historical roots, will end soon or at least a truce will be reached because it is a slaughter of young lives on both sides. Everyone knows that no one can win and we can all lose.

– We are hearing more and more about more „plandemics”. On the horizon, the WHO sees the threat of hemorrhagic fever (Marburg), SIRS virus or others unspecified. Meanwhile, BigPharma announces that it is ready to develop and produce new vaccines in as little as three months. Can these „vaccines” be considered safe?

– There is certainly the danger of new pandemics, as I mentioned the most serious danger comes from military laboratories and pharmaceutical companies that manufacture new vaccines. In fact, to make new vaccines, laboratories must have available, that is, create, new microbes against which to make new vaccines. I personally appreciate scientific advances but the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic makes me greatly doubt BigPharma’s good faith.

However, the problem is wider because behind or above the pharmaceutical companies there is what I have called the vaccinist ideology: the genetic product is seen by those who want to govern the world as a way to impose domination, even of a political nature, over the body and life of the people. This is precisely because it is made to believe that the “vaccine” protects the community, the people. Think, for example, of the „green pass”, which was imposed „thanks” to the option of having an inoculation. Although the green pass had no use as a means of preventing contagion (in fact the vaccinated could transmit the virus like the unvaccinated), it was imposed on everyone equally, essentially for political reasons.

The „great reset” is not a conspiracy theory, it is a program of political, economic and ideological manipulation, made explicit by the proponents themselves in the World Economic Forum, stubbornly pursued by the European and North American globalist elites. For these people who dream of a „new man” thanks to the integration of chemistry, information technology and biology, the genetic “vaccine” is the non-plus-ultra of progress and if you go to the WEF website you will find ample propaganda for this approach, albeit with scientifically inconsistent arguments.

– What is your assessment of the ongoing work on the WHO pandemic treaty and the IHR international health regulations? Do you see in these documents and the way they are being processed a threat to our rights of freedom?

– Indeed, there is a clear tendency to massively introduce control systems including Digital Identity (e.g. facial recognition), the „health passport” and the connected „proof of vaccination” (not only for COVID-19, but for all those pathogens that would be indicated by the WHO, and digital certificates. Through the so-called „proof of vaccination” a „green pass” is surreptitiously introduced again, which would in fact become an obligation first for traveling and then, with easy prediction based on what has already been experienced in the pandemic era, for every aspect of social life: school, university, public spaces, hospitals, residences for the elderly, restaurants, etc. 

The agreement, which will become operational and binding in the programs starting from 2024, foreshadows „de facto” the transfer to the WHO of the health sovereignty of individual states, currently in the hands of governments, through the signing of a binding contract. On this impending process of centralization and delegation of powers to supranational bodies, the information system mainstream has not provided the insights that a change like this requires for citizens to understand it. If the pandemic treaty is passed, this organization, largely privately funded such as Bill Gates, GAVI and the major pharmaceutical vaccine companies, will not only retain the absolute power to declare a pandemic or health crisis using its non-negotiable criteria , but it will also be able to dictate the rules and indicate all the management tools deemed useful, in an unquestionable way, to the member countries. 

– In your opinion, will Europe, the one with Hellenistic-Latin and Christian traditions, including Italy and Poland, survive all the storms yet to come?

– Unfortunately Europe is in cultural, religious, demographic, spiritual decline. Not having been able to prevent an internal war, like the one in Ukraine, is clamorous proof of this.

St. John Paul II’s dream of a Europe united from the Atlantic to the Ural mountains has not come true. This dramatic failure occurred partly due to the betrayal of Europe’s Christian roots by the European citizens themselves, satisfied with their own well-being and influenced by secularist ideologies, partly due to the heavy interference of the United States which clumsily took advantage of the crisis of the Soviet Union to expand their economic, political and military influence on our continent. Of course we know that the gates of hell will not prevail in the end (non praevalebunt) and that history is made up of great cycles, of crises and rebirths, but often these crises are accompanied by very severe trials. Much depends on each of us, as long as a minimum of freedom is granted to us.

– Thank you for the interview.

interviewed: Marek Skowronski

Paolo Bellavite (born 1952) graduated in medicine in 1976 from the University of Trieste, where he began his research and teaching activities. From 1984 to 2017, he was professor of General Pathology at the University of Verona. He currently continues his scientific activity as independent researcher. He specialized in hematology, received a master’s degree in Biotechnology from Cranfield University (UK) and an advanced degree in health statistics and epidemiology. The professor and his group have developed studies on molecular, cellular and pharmacological aspects of inflammation, with particular emphasis on neutrophil and basophil granulocytes, free radical formation and toxicity, platelet function and regulation. In more recent years, he has also developed studies in epistemology, history of medicine, scientific research in complementary medicine, effects of natural compounds on biological systems, high-dilution pharmacology (scientific aspects of homeopathy), and bioethics. With other colleagues, he created the Association of Integrated Medicine „Giovanni Scolaro” and the Observatory for Complementary Medicines. Bellavite is a member of the International Study Group on the Effects of Very Low Doses (GIRI), of ContiamoCi Association and of the Italian Federation of Homeopathic Associations and Doctors (FIAMO). He is the author of more than 250 scientific papers, of which more than 160 are cited in the PubMed database. Website:

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